Monday, October 1, 2012

Introduce of Yiwu Market

  • Yiwu Market

    Yiwu MarketThe market of Yiwu is in fact composed of a succession of several markets spread over the city. Since 1982, Yiwu market was founded,and directed to commodity industry with competitive price. Today, there are about twenty markets, fifty specialized commerce street, and cover an area of aro[View Detail]
  • Yiwu International trade city

    International Trade Mart (District 1 ) Founded in October, 2001, the International Trade Mart (District 1) is officially put into operation on 22 October, 2002 which occupies 420 Mu and a building area of 340,000 m2 with a total investment of 700 million. It is divided into five main business areas:[View Detail]
  • Yiwu Stock Market

    Yiwu Wuai Stock MarketYiwu Stock Market located in the city of Yiwu, Zhejiang province of China. Founded in 1998. Formally run as the professional stock market in April 2010, itincludes the Meihu stock market, Wuai stock market and the Time square stock market. These three group contain a total busi[View Detail]
  • Yiwu Furniture Market

    Yiwu International Furniture MarketYiwu Furniture Maket is more and more noticed by foreign customers, for its nice shopping environment, considerate after-sale,rich furniture products and reasonable marketing concept.Yiwu Old Furniture MarketZhan Qian road furniture market is a good option for furn[View Detail]
  • Yiwu Other Market

    Yiwu Food Wholesale Retail MarketThe new Food Wholesale Market was officially put into use in October,2008, which locates in Xicheng Road and between the overpass of west Chengzhong Road and Chengxi river. The market has a total stipulated area of 68749.5 square meters, with a construction space of [View Detail]
  • Yiwu Special Commercial Market

    Yiwu Special Commercial MarketsYiwu Xiawang Hotel Equipment Supplies CityYiwu Xiawang Hotel Equipment Supplies City is located in District D, Xiawang, opposite to Yiwu, Yiwu International Trade City.Xiawang Hotel Equipment Supplies City is definied as the national hotel supplies trade centre, with o[View Detail]
  • Yiwu Huangyuan Clothes Market

    Yiwu Huangyuan Clothing MarketYiwu new Huangyuan Market formally opened recently. It is locatedin the most prosperousbusiness area of embroidered lake. The south of this market is Jiangbin Road, the southis Middle Chouzhou Road and the west is Huangyuan Road. The market covers an area of 117 acres a[View Detail]
  • Guangzhou Market

    Guangzhou MarketThe Guangzhou Markets are by far the most colorful and the best in China. You can find just about anything you can imagine at wholesale prices and less.The Guangzhou Markets are very well organized in that vast areas are laid out just for the markets and one of the biggest one stretc[View Detail]
  • What is one-stop service ?

    We provide export agent service,purchase service for clients who would like to purchase commodity directly from commodity market,Below is the one-stop service.Airport pick-up service (Upon request)Hotel reservation (Upon request)Purchase accompanyQualtiy controlTransportation (Inland)Factory visit ([View Detail]
  • Futian market

    China Yiwu Futian market: China Yiwu International trade city is buited by china commodity city developing by the international market developing. To be a modernization wholsaling market. The first part project invested more than 6 hundred millions, had to be finished and set up in SEP.28. 2002. The[View Detail

Friday, September 14, 2012

Yiwu Toys Market,the biggest wholesale market of toys in China

Yiwu Toys Market In the 1/F,District B、C、D 、E, First - Phase,Yiwu International Trade City. Currently, more than 1,200 toy traders and over 1000 toy manufacturers are located in Yiwu International Trade City(one of Yiwu Markets). Yiwu toys are attracting the merchant of more than one hundred countries and regions.Consisting Stuffed & Plush Toys,Inflating Toys, Electronic Toys and Regular Toys about 2000 show rooms.

1.Stuffed & Plush Toys in the District B(one building of Yiwu International Trade City,in Yiwu Market,China), it includes Plush animal toys such as Plush tiger,Plush Panda,Plush Cow,Plush Monkey,Plush Sheep,Plush Mouse,Plush Dog,Plush bear,Plush Pig, Plush Deer etc. Plush Colorful Flower, Plush Stockings Stuffed Toy (Santa Claus) ,Plush Saint Valentine's Day toys,Plush Mobile ornaments and spring Plush toys series...etc.
2.Inflating Toys in the District C,it includes air beds such as flocking bed, sponge air bed camping beds etc, Inflatable sofa such as folding flocked chair, transparent sofa, flocked stool, smile face sofa, santa claus sofa, snow-man sofa, crystal sofa ect, pool inflatable toys such as Baby Bathtub , Baby Activity Pool, Animal Rings, Spray & Slide Pool,ect, Santa/Valentine/Ghost toys such as santa claus, lip, heart, ghost, pumpkin, vampire figure, eyes and ghost ect,Gym ball, Plane, guitar, banana stick ,animal species such as dinosaur, shrimp, fish , dolphin, whale, shark...etc.

3.Electronic Toys in the District D, it includes music IC,dolls, led toy/pen/radio,led scolling badge / flashlight/torches ,multimedia gadgets,christmas lights ,led flash nipple / lighter , action machine cores ,finished product, and ice block , emerqency light , soft encapsulation sound ,resistance,audion, bulb ,fittings...etc

4.Regular Toys in the District E, it includes Wooden Toys such as wooden tool toy, Wooden House, Wooden truck, toy wooden bowls, Wooden train, wooden doll, wooden caterpillar, Wooden bowls, Wooden Kitchen Set toy, wooden rabbit, wooden geometric blocks, Wooden scooter, wooden chair toy, Wooden giraffe,Plastic Toys such as plastic autocat, plastic assault fighter toy, plastic dinosaur toy, plastic fighter toy, plastic cartoon toy , plastic promotion gifts, plastic childe toy, plastic tumbler, plastic moppet toy, plastic white child toy, plastic solar toy, plastic color apples. Educational Toys such as Poster , PUZZLE(DIY), Beads Puzzle, Intelligence Puzzle Gun Shape , Intelligence Toys Car, Puzzle Cube, DIY Puzzle Game, Missile Frigate , DIY Desk Sets, DIY Puzzle Terrestrial Globe , DIY full set football game, Toy Magnetic Chess Sets, 5 in 1 Game Sets, Photo Frame Toys, Building Block, DIY Bean Craft, Building Block Toys ...etc .
Photoes of Yiwu Market--Toy Market